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These are the bands you'll be able to see at the Talent Stage at T in the Park on the 7th and 8th July...

Risingson - winners from the student heats. Perhaps unusually, a mix of triphop/scratching and rock that works - confident and compelling live

Nero - seemingly popular winners from the Aberdeen heat. Signed to Alphabetty, they're better live than even their fine split single with the Carnations suggests.

McSleazy - two-man live assault with a mix of pounding electronics and occasional guitar

Bendy Toy - hotly-tipped, you've probably heard Bendy Toy on the radio already - massively creative mix of beats and samples

Spyamp - quite popular on the Session in Scotland, it seems

Breschnev - noisy buggers, apparently. Warning: their performance will feature strobe lighting.

Yessa De Paso -popular choice from the Dundee heat; hopefully their lovely quiet quiet songs will be audible in the tent

Police Chief - dance/rock Madchester kinda stuff

Ellis - slightly gutsier take on Travis

Wayne Paycheck - Jim Gellatly on the Beatscene seems quite keen on them/him

Degrassi - at last, Degrassi's luck has changed! Always loud and energetic live, always worth seeing.

There are also 10 acts chosen by the promoters who will appear in the tent over the weekend.

Lapsus Linguae - Richard Clayderman as played by Shellac. Obviously. Don't listen alone.
Eva - ethereal postrock trippiness. Possibly.
Laeto - Dundonian guitar terrorisers
One Root - "complex melodic metal - a pantera/raging speedhorn type affair" (cheers, M & P)
Spare Snare - indie veterans, just released magnificent album 'Charm' though their cover of Desiny's Child's "Say My Name" may be more familiar to you.
Stupid Acting Smart - boy/girl vocals and off-kilter pop songs
Terra Diablo - one step on from the post rock cliche, making haunting ringing soundscapes. But with singing.
Sound Buggy - hmm
Ballboy - fans favourite - highly entertaining live act with pithy lyrics and a fantastic full-on band sound.

+ 2 TBC