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NEW! View the video for The Fratellis single 'Whistle For The Choir'

more video action: from Futuro... The Plimptons ... Deadenstereo... The Low Miffs... Pulsar... (and an animation from the latter too...)

The Fratellis release their debut single 'Creepin up the Backstairs' on Universal Island Records. See the video now - 60 second clip... full-length version

(they're Windows Media files - to download the complete video control or right-click here: http://exodus.interoutemediaservices.com/?id=19190dfd-4afd-4b84-a191-9ffcac1d2f1f&delivery=stream )

With Looper suddenly the big new thing, here's a couple of interviews done several years ago:
Go! Magazine, May 2000
The Herald, er, 2001-ish
Many downloads available at www.looperama.com

See the video for Sons and Daughters' single 'Dance Me In', here.

Alamos have their video for single 'Photograph It' available to view online at their website.

Camera Obscura videos are now online for 'I Love My Jean' and also an archive shoot of 'Your Sound'

ballboy - download new single 'The Art of Kissing' !
Franz Ferdinand - some of you may have recently read in the popular press of a bizarre interview with the band at Spain's Benicassim/ Fiberfib festival. Now the cat is well and truly out of the bag, you may as well see the full transcript of the chat, conducted for is this music? magazine.
Franz Ferdinand - 'Michael' video - see the new single starring V-Twin and former Late Foreign Radio guitarist Michael Kasparis!
Biffy Clyro - 'Glitter and Trauma' video
ballboy - WORLD EXCLUSIVE! track from the new album

TRAVIS - 12 Memories trailer

Idlewild -
Rod Jones interview
The Reindeer Section - see the video to 'You Are My Joy'
The Beta Band - a chat with Steve Mason
Spearmint - hear an exclusive live version of 'Scottish Pop', plus Shirley talks about the track
The Reindeer Section - hear a track from the Scottish supergroup, featuring Aidan Moffat
Delicate AWOL - hear a track from their new album and read chat from the band
ballboy - exclusive acoustic ep preview
The Beat Room -
let a BMX Bandit loose on telly production and see what you get!
The Omnichord - what is it?
Read all about it, and hear it!
106 - what the %$£& is going on?
- Scotland's 'alternative' radio debacle