REX 001CD + Ltd. 7"

Laptop - Gimme the night REX001CD

Here's an act with all its fingers and thumbs on the throbbing pulse of a pop beast that is alive and well. MELODY MAKER

Hey Hipster! The follow up to the great End Credits and this time a proper single with a limited 7" ltd ed. vinyl to boot. Laptop - it's mock futuristic and mock nostalgic.

"My only regret in life is that I'm not someone else" - Woody Allen



4 Track ep of blood lettin' superheavy space rockin promethean car wreck full on fuckin' ROCK from Glasgow Rock City - fuck that weak shit!!!!

18th May 1998


pH FAMILY - Ideal Weight EP

From Glasgow Rock City to your house! pH Family are loud, proud and TOTAL Punk Fucking Rock - not retro not straight edge and not fashionable. But they are on tour with Idlewild through late April and early May so maybe the last bit will come around, Already raved about in Maximum Rock'n' Roll and several other US rock 'zines from compilation albums and their split single with Mogwai, this 6 track ep is the first real pH Family release and we're proud to release it, CRANK IT UP. 18th May 1998


Fiend 1 - Caledonian Gothic

"Jaw Dropping "solo" album debut from Krautrock meister Brendan O'Hare (Ponies/Fannies/Mogwai/acrocosmica). Shimmering beauty and claustrophobic terror in masterfully Labradford-sized portions. JENNIFER NINE. MELODY MAKER

"Compressor is mean enough to strip the paint from your bedroom walls while Origin and Purpose is as dark, forboding and sinister as any of Jason Pierce's soundscapes" *** LEE HARVEY. VOX


Fiend 2 - Caledonian Cosmic

Released February 23rd 1998

Part 2 of the Caledonian Trilogy. Heavy losmische jams and deep spacetrips. "As with Mogwai, the music is mainly instrumental, relying on textures to create the feelings of passion, solitude and tranquility that course throughout this record" VOX


Fiend 3 - Caledonian Mystic

Released September 21st 1998

Fiend is Brendan O'Hare (Teenage Fanclub/Telstar Ponies/Mogwai/Macrocosmica, and Caledonian Mystic is the third and final part of the Caledonian Trilogy. The Wire described the first two Fiend cd's as 'a momumental achievement'. Fiend 3 is perhaps the most accessible of the 3. Half songs half instrumental and all modern. No swinging sixties bullshit here. The 21st century is calling.



Macrocosmica - Ad Astra

"Macrcosmica: Fire walks with them. Flame on!" KERRANG

"For starters, the genre - DC Hardcore gone gothic- should make pretty queasy listening. Who in hell wants Bauhaus as Fugazi. But ex-Telstar Ponies Brendan O'Hare & Gavin Laird are at work here - so nothing's quite that simple" TANIA BRANNIGAN. NME

"Imagine elephantine stoner rock fed through Sonic Youth's sausage machine and you're halfway there" KKKKKERRANG!


Laptop - End Credits ep

"Inexplicably fab" Single of the week JENNIFER NINE MM

"The best single of 98 released at the end of 1997: SIMON WILLIAMS . NME

"Drags the whole of the early '80's, dopey and blinking into the 1990's and makes it cry" KITTY EMPIRE. NME

"This is one of the most natural, but detailed singles of the year (a late contender for the Session's top singles of '97)" STEVE LAMACQ MM


Don Fleming - jo jo ASS RUNen

First full-length solo album by New York via Georgia downtown rock guru Don Fleming. From the Velvet Monkeys, Half Japanese, B.A.L.L., & Gumball to producer of Teenage Fanclub (Bandwagonesque), Screaming Trees (Sweet Oblivion) this guy is a godddamn living legend!! "jo jo ASS RUNnne" is a full on soho/boho sonic assault-like if Glenn Branca had been in The Monks with Klaus Dinger with Nazz era Todd Rungre on guitar. Can't imagine it? - well now your can hear it on God Bless Records. You're welcome. OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!


Supermodel GT - Popacopalypse Now!

The 'model return with 21 tracks of lo-fi genius. This is the British Guided by Voices - expect the unexpected. The boys made a bit of a kerfuffle a couple of years back with their classic "Penis Size and Cars" 45 (recently covered by "theaudience") - this album is a massive leap froward - a cornucopia of sounds - a wide range of expression. There's stuff that sounds like Prince playing wth Sebadoh, mixed by Tricky. There's stuff that sounds like Ennio Morricone playing guitar for the Monks with Giorgio Moroder at the controls and there's lo-fi rock wildness with punk rock art-itude all over the flipping place mate. Theere're more wild ideas on this record than most bands' entire careers. Hey indie kid! Get really with it!


HANGUP - Never Mind The Jerkys

Hey ballbag! Remember the Jerky Boys. Thise piss takers who called people up, talked shite, taped it and then put it out on a record. Well Fuck' em.

Hang Up - Charlie Joe, Rab Corbett and Afrik Jahal are from Glasgow Rock City and they call people up, talk even greater shite, tape it, and we at God Bless Records are putting it out on a compact disc and the kids are gonna lap it up. Should be a hit at all the right parties - famous celebrities will be copping the patter from this for oh at least weeks to come. It's BLOODY FUNNY BY THE WAY.



Foot is Don Fleming, Thurston Moore and Jim Dunbar

Three 23 minute tracks of electric electronics and freeform soundscapes from these legendary downtown visionaries. 2 Live shows already happened in Manhattan. Depending on Sonic Youth's schedule (which is heavy in both senses) there will be more, including European shows. This is number 1 in the forthcoming Canal Street Series from God Bless Records in association with Instant Mayhem.. Recorded and mixed by the near-legendary Capt.Nemo, this series will document the lower Manhattan Art Rock happenings that take place regularly at Jimbo's pad.


The Velvet Monkeys - Houseparty.

The great lost Velvet Monkeys album. Shelved by SST in 1986 due to a bad weed deal, and now available for the first time on God Bless. Edited by Don Fleming to include dialogue and incidents from live shows this record is an almost cinema verite document of American Rock in the mid eighties. The original version of 'We Call It Rock' is here alongside Rick James' 'Brickhouse' and a ten minute space-rock trip thru the Stooges 'Little Doll'. It's Loud and it's proud. Turn on those fire things, baby! Woooh!



Reissue for the first time on CD of this seminal album by Liverpool's Walkingseeds. The first UK grunge album - in fact this is from 1987 which probably makes it the world's first grunge album, in fact. This group was as important as the Spacemen 3 mate!!!!! Ta la!

"Journalists, particularly music jourmalists are great ones for re-writing history. If today's journalists went back to 1968 and said "We're from the future and we're going to tell you the names of the important artists - James Brown and the Velvet Underground - they would all drop fucking dead!" - 'Peter Buck REM"



Electronic future rock from Glasgow Rock City. Wild funk and glitter stomp dance trax mied with esoteric soundscapes. Brendan O'Hare & Neil Grany meet Gary and Stuart from Tiafro and the mix is eclectic and electric. Get down and trip in to these thoroughly modern e-gurus. So modern in fact that one of them lives ine Australia and sends his parts via the worldwide web. We want the Future and we want it NOW!

"A Myth is of course not a fairy story, It is the presentation of facts belonging to one category in the idioms apppropriate to another!"
From "The Concept of Mind" by Gilbert Ryle

 TIBINITAS - Electrified

Danish Jazz Triphop. No more details at present.