Ad Astra (God Bless Records) - December 1998
rusty's arms (laird/mcewan/o'hare/macrocosmica)
orbit 48 (laird/o'hare/macrocosmica)
ram's expo (laird/o'hare/mcewan/ower)
i am the spaceship digitalis (o'hare/macrocosmica)
lamotta (laird/o'hare/ower/macrocosmica)
a horse can walk (laird/o'hare/macrocosmica)
byne (laird/macrocosmica)
recorded at cava studios glasgow september 1997 by tony doogan
produced by macrocosmica and toony doogan
executive producer david e. barker
sleeve by mcewan/o'hare/zhivago
photographs by louise brown & karen wallace

Space Geek (God Bless Records) - May 1998

Space Geek (laird/o'hare/macrocosmica)
Ra Unmoved (laird/o'hare/mcewan/ower)
Weird Sex Dream #2 (laird/o'hare/mcewan/ower)
Lone Cop (laird/o'hare/ower)
Tracks 1 & 2 recorded by Tony Doogan at CaVa, Glasgow March 1998
Tracks 3 & 4 recorded at home March 1998
Sleeve by Macrocosmica and Louise Brown.
Photos by Louise Brown, McEwan Laird & O'Hare. Packaged and wrapped by Zhivago.