West 13, Glasgow
Wed 29th May


"Everyone got a drink okay? ... at 2.45 in the afternoon?" Jim Puntam gently chides the matinee audience at this free gig celebrating the 13th Note's rebirth/relocation. Of course, the audience, a mix of musical types relocated from the old Note plus the odd actual punter on a late liquid lunch, all have glasses in hand. You'd think that a Breeders tour would have prepared the band for such mild debauchery, but the Radar Brothers are hardly rock'n'roll animals on the evidence of their laid-back masterpiece '...And The Surrounding Mountains' - an album whose chilledness suggests an afternoon pint might push them over the edge. From the opening backmasking of 'Still Evil' to the Joy Division-doing-alt.country that is 'Mothers', the set's a facsimile of the recordings, but up close the interplay between the 5 musicians is a joy to watch - near-instrumental 'Mountains' is a soundscape worthy of the album's title. When all's done we raise our glasses to the Brothers. What better tribute?

This review originally appeared in The List. For more pictures of the Radar Brothers, visit the Chemikal Underground website