The Hector Collectors/

the Electroluvs/

The Poppadums

13th Note Cafe, 25th October

Who says music's no fun any more? Not the Hector Collectors, whose shambling set - not best helped by a guitarist with one arm in plaster - is saved by the witty banter and the general daftness of their songs. Coming across like a Scottish Half Man Half Biscuit, popular culture from Eastenders to Dominic Diamond is given a well-deserved verbal battering.

Which might make the Electroluvs seem by comparison the most po-faced of tonight's bunch, but while electronic bands are often serious and Teutonic, their hi-nrg beatbox-driven set is a positive joy, rounded off by a Human League cover which improves vasty on the original and their singalong single 'Love in the Kitchen Sink'.
The Poppadums however, bring bad karma with three false starts and an onstage row. All staged of course - this band are well-known round Glasgow for their crazy stunts. Giant 'Popstars' masks are intended to conceal their true identities but The Band Formerly Known As The Radioheads - forced to change their name for 'legal reasons' - deliver a entertainingly ragged show. 'Manky Magic' laments the personal hygiene of the city's neds, while closer 'Spanky' tells the tale of a Zelig-like chimp last seen in service at Michael Jackson's ranch. All great fun of course, but the band's catchy tunes put the fun back into rock as much as they put the 'Pop' in Poppadum.