All The Mongo's Parties - a flat in Glasgow's West End, 19th-22nd April 2001

The Pendulums - keep swinging

Mud. Toilets. Muddy toilets. Yes, festival season approaches.Here's a crazy idea - have your rock festival in a comfortable location with all mod cons.
And then hold the thing on the south coast of England.
Rewind. Let's do the show right here - 'here' being a flat in Glasgow. In best festival traditions, hire a mix of eclectic and varied acts. Thus, ATMP's opening night blends the acoustic stylings of thisheartbeatsfortwo with the indiepop of Trundle Wheel and Dead Fly Buchowski's more full-on rock.
 Hector and friend
Lemons - lucky for some
Inevitably where one night's audience is the next night's star turn, over-indulgence sees Derbac M promoted to headliners and the bill is filled by some impromptu 'open-mic' sessions.
Day 3 opens with a climax of sorts. The Hector Collectors are by definition top of the bill, having featured on John Peel TWICE. Shambling, under-rehearsed, and pure entertainment.
The Pendulums, as is the pattern here, are doing their first gig after 2 rehearsals. Treading a fine line between the Bonzo Dog Band and Simon and Garfunkel, they have a bunch of tunes and twice as many ideas. Yay us! as their name suggests, endeavour to be your new favourite band, and resplendent in uniform of blue t-shirts they, as expected, produce punky 3-chord thrash. Yay!it's them!
 curious Lifeforms Which is one chord more than Lifeform 281 - think the Stooges with Alex Harvey on vocals.Still highly entertaining, however, the singer even getting his shirt off. Leading us to the finale, which features something of a supergroup in Lemons Are Lucky. With as many onstage as in the audience, it's like The Fall doing post-rock for laughs as everyone chips in with sundry instrumentation.
And the toilet is still working. Some day all festivals will be like this.