Placebo/AC Acoustics - Edinburgh Venue


I don't get it. OK, since seeing AC Acoustics someone has explained half of the riddle to me - in fact, I was able to see for myself later in the month. In the NME, Paul Campion, vocalist with the band, was saying that basically they were god's gift to rock'n'roll. Pretty typical especially fro a Glasgow band - look at the Gyres. Though they are a poor example as AC Acoustics at least have a fair bit of talent. But many locals (including some band members at tonight's gig*) were unwilling to admit this. This is because Mr. Campion as claims to have invented the Glasgow music scene single-handedly. This is not entirely accurate I'm afraid. In fact, the band were pretty innovative in the past - see their debut lp 'Able Treasury' which is a great work, all disjointed tunes and blasts of noise, not too much in the way pf commercialism, which is probably what made King Coffey of 'weird' Texas label Trance Syndicate sign them up.

Now of course, they've got all clever and started to write actual songs with tunes and all. They're quite good at it too, but it's not the most startling thing in the world. Tonight then they play mainly newer stuff such as 'I Messiah' and 'Stunt Girl', Britpop favurites every one. Only a couple of tracks from their 'noise' period such as 'Mother Head Sander' get an airing. The odd thing is that they don't seem to be getting the success you might expect when bands 'sell out'.

All this waffling about AC Acoustics. That's because I'm at a loss for words over Placebo. Brian (shown here actual size) sadly, is not. * oh yes, the Venue is littered with minor luminaries in the Scottish indiepop world who've not come to see Paul Campion and co, god no, but in fact are there to see the next big thing, Placebo. In summary, all their songs sound the same musically, Brian sounds like Geddy Lee out of Rush, and I leave early.

Like I said, I don't get it. Answers on a postcard, eh?