best newcomer of 2004

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Vote for your favourite Scottish newcomer of 2004. This vote is in association with is this music? magazine and the nominees have all either appeared on magazine cover CDs or appeared at the regular itm? live shows.
Incidentally, you need vote only once. We can track where votes are coming from, and can certainly spot when 20-odd votes arrive withexactly the same time on them!
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best newcomer


a Dundee 3-piece guitar onslaught, they released a debut 7" single on the Pet Piranha label before rounding off the year at the itm? Xmas show.

Legendary from hosting the regular End of the Month Club at Glasgow's 13th note, the 3-piece (plus numerous infamous collaborations) have put out their own debut EP 'This Is Not New Sound'.
Glasgow electro act who have many admirers including Mogwai who plan to put out their debut on Rock Action this year.

Flying Matchstick Men
Despite releasing a 'remixes' album with grnr a year ago, the band's main activity has been their now-legendary live shows.

Local lads, at least for the Dunfermline shows, the 3-piece have been picking up fans and working with Bendy Toy on a future release.

Bizarre combination of crooning pop and electro, the besuited Glasgow act released an album 'Crazy Glue' to much acclaim.

Luxury Car
Perth 3-piece who (like so many) are hotly-tipped for success in 2005 - a single on Swimmer One's biphonic label is planned.

Optimo alumni, who despite having shed a member of Franz Fedinand from their lineup have gone from strength to strength, releaasing a new EP on Tsk!Tsk! records.

Another band from the burgeoning Perth scene, their heavily vocoded electro is fast making a name for them around Scotland

Red Bee Soociety
Not *strictly* a newcomer, but new to itm? - they released their second single 'When We Talk Of horses' to much acclaim, and played our Xmas party!

Satellite Dub
Much-loved by Radio One as well as is this music?, Craig Brown's one-man electronic avalanche has released an album and single in 2004.