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Grim Northern Social
Glasgow Barfly
Life in dreary looking Glasgow is excruciatingly grim to say the least. However, we do have a fucking great music scene, which makes up for the overwhelming majority of utter shiteness.
Tonight this city has been seized by, yes, you guessed it! Bemused Time Magazine-reading Americans, who love everyone and every band because they are “Scattish Man” – ok maybe you didn’t guess that one.
One thing is for sure, however, is that they loved every single minute of Grim Northern Social. It may be just because they are a Scottish band, or it may actually be that they play some great pop songs.
“ The Impostors” is a needle-stomping, heartbreaker about heroin, which could even make Pete Doherty give up drugs for good. “Urban Pressure” blew away the tears off the faces, with its thumping bass-line and great pop hooks. New songs “Bad day” and “Don’t waste My Time” showed that there is more to come from the band, which should in a more perfect world make them huge. But unfortunately, it doesn’t ever look like the band will become world-beaters – but then it suits them not to be. Life may be grim, but let's keep it grim. (Jamie Crossan)