Ten Foot Drop

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Ten Foot Drop @ Barrowlands Bar, Glasgow
17th May 2005
This band really do have their own sound, so much so that I found it hard to compare them with any other band, but if I had pick out some names I would say, Foo Fighters, Green Day and The Darkness.
Now, I don't say Darkness because these guys came prancing on stage in Lycra jumpsuits, it's merely because of their catchy funky guitar riffs
This band wasn't for me - it's not the type of music I listen to, but I know for a fact that every teenage girl and boy up and down the country are gonna love this band's teen rock style.
I know because, while I was at the ladies' room after their set, I heard a group of younger girls talking about where they can buy their new EP (Abusing The Power) and giggling over how cute the lead singer was.
So, guys, I think you got yourselves some groupies already.
I only noticed a couple of flaws with the performance.
At one or two points the drummer lost his rhythm and it got a bit messy, which seemed to distract the bass player, and the harmonising needed to be worked on a little more, but the audience were all too busy tapping their feet and getting into it to notice.
This band did put on a great performance and I'm looking forward to hearing how things go for them in the future.
If there's ever another American Pie movie then I can hear this band playing through it.Check out their website www.tenfootdrop.co.uk
(Gill Brammer)