Soul Circus

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Soul Circus @ The Arches, Glasgow
30th June 2005
When I first saw this band fully set up on stage and ready to go, they made me smile a little, just with the way they looked.
First I notice the singer/guitarist as he welcomed the crowd and introduced themselves as Soul Circus. I donÕt know what it was about him, but I kept waiting for him to break into a comedy routine.
Then the bass player, he looked as though he had a bottle of Bucky stashed in his back pocket, but instead pulled out a pack of Mayfair and smoked his way through the set.
So, then there's the guitarist, this guy cracked me up, I couldnt stop staring at him. He looked like a cross between Jack Black and Meatloaf when he was in Wayne's World. And the drummer, well, as usual stashed to the back, all I could see was flying drum sticks.
DonÕt get me wrong here I'm not slagging these guys off, I'm merely trying to give you a visual picture of the band.
So, to the matter in hand. How did they sound?
Damn good I tell ya.
You know when men in their 50's, 60's, whatever, say...
" Oh well in my day musicians went on stage to entertain you," " It was an all round package" "Nowadays these boys just go on stage play an instrument and yer lucky if you even get a hello out of them" (or words to that effect :-)
Well, now I know what they were going on about.
These guys were the full package, entertaining, talented and energetic. It was great just watching these guys on stage having a good time.
It's not that they were cracking jokes all night, its just that you could see they were enjoying themselves, the crowd noticed this and in return they all had a great night too.
Their sound I thought was 60's/70's rock sounding, kinda reminding me of The Rolling Stones, and also reminding me of The Doors. Now, I've said this about a couple of bands recently but for different reasons, it was more for the vocal style this time.
Soul Circus is another one of those bands you just canÕt fault, they were a pleasure to watch.
These guys seem to be doing pretty well for themselves, touring England over the next few months and supporting Maximo Park on their tour at the end of the year.
So have a wee gander at their website, sample some of their tracks and grab some tickets to their next gig.
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(Gill Brammer)