Sons & Daughters / Idlewild

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Sons and Daughters / Idlewild
Edinburgh, Queen’s Hall
Arriving onstage with a darkened air and a sense of gloom about them Sons and Daughters surprise most of the sceptics in the audience. With the stupendous ‘Johnny Cash’ and the astonishing ‘Fight’ being played within three songs of each other, it has singer Adele Bethel dancing confidently around the stage as she teases Scott Paterson and seemingly ignores her other bandmates. New songs ‘Dance Me In’ and ‘Medicine’ have the dark riffs and the rough vocals we have come to expect from this electrifying band.
Idlewild’s set is phenomenal with most of their new album and a lot of their back catalogue being played. There’s enough room in the set for the sublime ‘Roseabilty’, ‘You Held The World…’ and the lush ‘Welcome Home’.
Throughout the gig Roddy is wearing his customary scent of friendly arrogance and he’s all the better for it. He’s no longer the foppish indie-boy that jumped across the stage as though he was auditioning for a bit-part in Flashdance. No, these days are behind him. Mr. Woomble has grown-up and he’s the frontman he’s always hinted at being. He even stands to the side to the side of the stage while the rest of the band play ‘American English’ (which is met with an almost stunned silence for its entirety). As the gig threatens to end Sons and Daughters and Foxface (tonight’s first act) come onstage to finish the gig in with a cover of The Ramones and brings the night to a stunning finale. (Seonaid Masson)