Little Panic

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6TH JUNE 2005
I couldn't believe it when I heard how long this band have been together............... 4 MONTHS!
How the hell can you put a band together in 4 months, write all your own stuff and perform at your first gig the way Little Panic did on Monday night?
A lot of passion and some serious talent, I guess.
Now, if I was there as just a fan I would be listening to it at face value and thinking I was watching a professional rock band who have been together for a years, which is what I imagine the crowd was thinking when they were jumping around to Little Panic’s sound.
But, when I go to gigs, whether it be new bands or established bands like The Chilis or Oasis or whoever, I like to listen out for flaws (It's sad, I know)
Now, with Little Panic I had to listen really hard and to be honest I could only pick out a couple of things:
The drummer (who was excellent) seemed at times to be 'banging to the beat of his own drum'.
I don't know if it was his timing that was off or it could have been one of the guitarists or maybe the drum sequence just didn’t fit in, I can’t quite fathom it out, but it was only one song and it was a minor detail in comparison to the rest of the performance.
The keyboard player, the guitarists and the bass guitarist you couldn’t fault, although I would like to have heard more of the keyboard.
And as for the vocalist, - well, what an instrument. I don’t know what he's gargling or smoking but keep on doing it.
I felt the vocalist could seem a bit more aggressive; at some points through the performance he looked a bit timid, but keeping in mind here it was their FIRST gig they all put on an amazing performance.
As I've said before in my articles (If anyone ever reads them) I'm more of a soft rock/soul/indie kinda chick, and yeah, sometimes you can catch me singing along to Britney or Christina, but although this band’s sound was a lot harder than what I would choose to listen to, the bass lines and guitar riffs made it easy for me to get into.
Usually when I listen to that type of music I get lost in a sea of electronic noise, but each musician in this band have a unique and individual style, which leads me to think that after seeing their first performance, these guys could have a great career in music ahead of them.
This Ayrshire based band will be doing a small Scottish tour so get along to their website and find out when and where you can see these guys. (see
(Gill Brammer)