Heatseekers / The Suits

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Heatseekers / The Suits
Glasgow, Brewery Tap
I was only walking past and a sudden surge of guitar noise almost blew me over. The work of The Suits, a five-piece making (I'm told) their live debut at yet another new Glasgow venue and a bit of a mix up they are - 2 parts thrash, 3 parts artrock attitude and one part pure inspiration. I managed to catch at least two song titles - 'In The Night' is a full-on trash anthem propelled by a floorshaking drumpart, while 'Smash Mirror' is 1minute and 40 seconds of atonal screaming. The Suits aren't pushing the modernist edge of the envelope, and I expect they'll get a keyboard shortly.
In fact they'll probably borrow the gigantic wireheavy vintage Korg synth that Heatseekers are wielding to some effect. Another point of interest are the obviously rehearsed stage moves, the gutarists thrusting their instrument necks simultaneously more often than coincidence allows for, while the prehistoric Korgasaurus roars and belches over what I think is a series of looped backing tracks alongside some overdriven guitar solos thrown in for good measure. Heatseekers are the bastard offspring of Cabaret Voltaire (the Sheffield trio, not the Edinburgh venue) and Led Zeppelin, until their last number, an untitled feedback drenched epic which finishes as abruptly as it started, with only the synth purring on until it too collapses into silence. No songs about cars and girls,then? (Jon Gordon)