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Freeview @ 13th Note
20th July 2005
So, from a night full of disconnecting cables, snapped strings, dodgy sound and a few dodgy haircuts, it was quite refreshing when Freeview took to the stage.
It was a long wait for these guys, I think it was about 10:45 when they came on, but, as everyone there that night would probably agree with me here... it was worth the wait.
This 4 piece from Glasgow came on with what looked like the attitude of "Right, let's show them how the big boys do it" and they did.
Not to say these guys were coming across arrogant, but it was clear that they were more professional of the bands that night and that's what came across in their performance.
Not only did Freeview look the part of a good rock/grunge band, their sound was similar to some great bands such as Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam.
Now, these guys play frequently up and down the country, which might explain how comfortable they looked performing, especially in front of such a small crowd, as some bands are fazed by this, but not this lot, they were there to entertain us and I for one was entertained.
I did feel however, their set was quite short, so I came home and had a wee listen to the 3 tracks they have uploaded on their My Space site (
The first track 'What's My Pill' reminded me of the band's energy and may well be the grungy track that helps them on their road to success.
The first thing I noticed on this track were the vocals, they reminded me of someone, but it wasn't until the 3rd track, (my personal favourite) 'Something's Got To Give', that I realised the vocals were similar to those of Chris Cornell from Soundgarden, only a little deeper.
The intro was what caught me on 'Something's Got To Give', the bass and guitar were so so good, I must have played it about 6 times, then thought the best thing to do was just put it on my ipod.
So, if like me you wished you had been part of the 'Seattle Music Scene' in the 80's/90's when Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and the rest of that mob were belting out the best of 'Alternative Music', then get along to see Freeview, one of the bands who are making a good name for the 'Glasgow Music Scene'.

(Gill Brammer)