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Capturie, a three piece rock band from Glasgow took to the stage and a large screen came down from the ceiling to reveal a prerecorded video of the band playing their newest track 'Mentality'. At first I thought it was a bit dramatic for a venue like Rocker's, but then I thought, well actually, these guys are trying to give their audience a show, give them something a little more than what they had originally paid for, and the crowd did seem impressed.
That was the first thing I notied actually, the crowd.
Considering there were three bands on that night, everwhere I looked I saw people wearing Capturie T Shirts, badges and stickers. I felt as though I had missed something - “Were these guys pretty big and I’m not as up on my music as I thought I was?”
I had only heard of this band a few weeks ago, and once I heard their name, where ever I went in Glasgow I kept noticing Capturie stickers and posters attached to everything.
So obviously these guys have been around for quite a while and built up a good fan base, right...nope....these guys have only been together for 6 months!
So by this you should be thinking, “well these guys must have a shit hot sound for them to gather such a big following in such a short time”. And you would be right.
Capturie do class themselves as a rock band, but with influences such as Incubus and Soundgarden you gotta expect some grunge and metal thrown in, and that’s what you get. With some grungy guitar riffs and some metal style vocals at some points, the band do know how to chop and change their style to suit certain songs, but without losing the theme of their own original sound. And this band do have an original sound, so I cant compare them to anyone or anything so your just gonna have to go have a listen and see for yourselves.
I can’t finish this peice without saying a wee something about Capturie's drummer.
I do have a soft spot for drummers, (so I’ve been told) but that was a drum solo that could have put the likes of Chad Smith to shame, that was the moment everyone in the room shut up and watched.
Now I know that sounds really cheesey me saying that - “Oh the room stood still”, but it’s true.
I don’t know where he got the energy from as it was towards the end of the set, even I was exhausted just watching him, so what a roar of applause he got as he finished. I think that was the moment that anyone in the room who had never heard of this band before really started to take notice of them.
I’m gonna stop giving this band a big head now and just say that I had a great night and I’m possitive we will be hearing a lot from these guys in the future.
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(Gill Brammer)