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Anaphora, Glasgow Fury Murrys
Either i’m getting old or the lead singer in this band really was about 12.
He may be small, he may have looked like a teenage girl with his long hair and baby face.
But I tell you one thing, the wee man knew how to take the stage and control the crowd, maybe because most of the crowd were his (school) mates.
Who knows.
Now metal isn't my thing but if it was I'd be keeping my eye on these guys, considering their age they're really talented.
There was a lot of incoherent shouting at some point - well, most points - but Slipknot didn't get where they are today by pronouncing their vowels properly, did they?
These guys will know themselves they need to tighten up their set a bit - it did feel like watching a school band rehearse, but I do see (with my unprofessional eye) a lot of potential.
Check out their website at
(Gill Brammer)