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Spearmint have recorded a song called Scottish Pop which namecheckes the great and the good of Caledonian indie music. We spoke to Shirley from the band to ask how the song came about.

What do you love so much about Scottish pop that inspired him to write a song?
"Well it came about by accident really. I was listening to stuff by the bands listed in the song while I was painting the bathroom. It was making me ecstatically happy and I suddenly realised that all the stuff I was playing was Scottish. I felt so good that I thought I should write a song comparing the feeling you get listening to Scottish Pop to the feeling you get being in love. Then I thought "We can't do that - it's really uncool!"
So we did it...
To me there is a difference in approach & sound between (these) Scottish bands and London bands. There would seem to be a huge Brian Wilson influence in Scotland, whereas in London it's more people like Paul Weller. You can hear it if you compare Adventures In Stereo to Noonday Underground - basically 2 bands with very similar approaches, but one sounds Scottish & the other is very London..."

Are these all your favourites or did they rhyme best (!) and if the former, are you in the pay of Creeping Bent?
"No connections, no. I guess these bands are favourites - Creeping Bent score well, don't they - I enjoy those package gigs they do, plus Clare Grogan's quite often at them! The rhymes are cringe-worthy.. 'Duglas T / Emma P'!"

Any plans to get it out as a single, even just in Scotland (it could be available on import down south).
"No, no plans for it as a single. I'm glad there has been a positive reaction to it - I expected to be panned (as it says in the song).
We'd love to play in Scotland. We did King Tut's a couple of years ago, but it was the night of a Scotland / England match & was a poor night to play!"

hear Scottish Pop

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