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The Reindeer Section: less a band and more a 'project' - but less a collection of musicians and more a supergroup. Mainman is Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody who told Jockrock
"It all thanks to Lou Barlow in a way - he did 3 gigs in Glasgow and everyone was there." 'Everyone', it transpires, was no exaggetarion. Performing on the album are Belle and Sebastian, Mogwai, Arab Strap, Mull Historicsal Society, V-Twin, AStrid and Eva, as well as fellow Snow Patroller Jonny Quinn.
"I went around drunkenly saying "I've started a band called the Reindeer Section""continued Gary. "I've no idea where the name came from! " and would you like to be in it? They all said yes - and all stayed true to their word. I was so fired up I wrote 15 songs the day after, and was able to get everyone together - January's normally a slow month! We recorded 17 songs in 10 days."

The 14-track Reindeer Section album entitled "y'all get scared now ya hear!" is out on August 6, on Bright Star Recordings. The band's live debut is at T in the Park in Kinross on the 8th July. Astrid, John from Mogwai, Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat and hopefully Richard Colburn and Mick Cooke from Belle and Sebastian will be part of the live band, plus anyone else who is in the vicinity at the time. A secret gig in Belfast around this time is also planned - more details to follow.

Hear "Nightfall" featuring Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat on vocals.


Check back here in a week to hear another exclusive track from the album.

Other info available at BrightStar Recordings' website.

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