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John Peel and The High Fidelity - striking a common Chord
John Peel has co-written /plays on a track on the new High Fidelity album, 'THE OMNICHORD ALBUM', released in February. Sean Dickson excitedly announced the colaboration, saying "we finally got his track and it's great!! I've turned it into Kraftwerk meets french movie departure lounge ambience!!"
Peel co-wrote and plays Omnichord on 'Pig Might Fly' after receiving the instrument - an auto-harp-style device - which was given to him by the Scots band as a Christmas present last year. Peel's instrument was the last one ever manufactured!
The band have been signed by Japanese makers Suzuki to promote the relaunched version, the Q-Chord. DIckson describes the Omnichord Album as "a very 2.00 am in the morning kind of experience... but the next lp is the High Fidelity's most full-on rock expeience since Addicted to a TV!"
The band also announced their traditional Xmas 'fan' present - a new remix of 'Come Again', which can be downloaded free from www.thehighfidelity.com during December.
Also, remixes by FC Kahuna and Bedrock residents Terminalhead of 'Come Again' will appear on an e.p. on January 15, along with a new track, 'Omnichord 2001'.
New material will follow soon after, with brand new material planned for shortly afterwards with single 'Scream If You Want To Go Faster'. This is a collaboration with legendary producer Arthur Baker, who approached Sean Dickson at In The City in Manchester earlier this year with a view to working with them. Dickson in turn collaborated on Baker's new album.
Listen to Sean Dickson's solo version of "2 Up 2 Down" in streaming RealAudio. This was originally bradcast live from Subcity Radio in Glasgow last year. (You'll need RealPlayer, get it from real.com)