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The Oldest Living Scottish Band (Official), trumpet the headlines. Willfully lo-fi in the old days of (C)1986, 'Up For a Bit and 'Suck on the Pastels' were benchmarks in the 'shambling' scene; fortunately the band re-invented themselves and learned (or bothered to) play their instruments and produced another landmark album in Illumination.
Gone a bit quiet for now as Stephen works on new Domino offshoot label Geographic.

Selected Discography

Up For a Bit With... (Glass)
Truckload of Trouble (Paperhouse)
Mobile Safari (Domino)
Sittin' Pretty (Chapter 22)
Illumination (Domino)
Illuminati (Domino)
Suck on... (Creation)
Yoga (import)

Run by guitarist and Policecat Jonathan Kilgour,
this is as close as you get to an official Pastels site

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